“After losing her husband only months earlier, Allie finds herself the new official face of the seer race, fighting to prevent humans and seers from exploding into all-out war. But her husband, Revik, isn’t really gone. Instead he’s transformed into someone she barely knows. Unlike her, he wants war...and revenge...and will do whatever it takes to bring the human civilization to its knees.”

Finally, Allie is free of Terrin, but in freeing her from that psychopaths less than gentle clutches Revik has reunited with parts of himself that he did not know were missing. Still married to Allie, he wants her to join him in his war against the humans that treat Seers so poorly, but Allie only wants to prevent it.

Through this part of the overall story, Allie’s character changes – which is to be expected.  Who wouldn’t change in the events that she has been forced to endure?  But I felt that she herself had turned to her own dark side to reach her goals.  As a reader, I’m not sure if I’m happy with Allie's character going that way, but as I only finished this novel moments ago, my thoughts might change.

After being completely immersed in the first two novels, I found book three no different, again reading it in just a few days.  The story is exciting, touching, heart wrenching and it does not end here.  I will be looking with keen interest for book four!

J C Andrijeski can be found at www.jcandrijeski.com and this book can be purchased from www.smashwords.com  A highly recommended story well worth the purchase!

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