"In a land ruled by knights, where martial strength is tamed by a code of honour and duty, the line between protection and oppression is a subtle one. When a sickly prince leaves the succession in doubt, ambitious men gather in the shadows ready to take advantage. Edouard and Mariette are caught in a twisted world where the lines between treachery, honour and love are hopelessly blurred."

Traitor Blade, by Richard Crawford is a novel that focuses mainly on Edouard.  As the second son of the King’s brother, Edouard is a young man who is caught up in the political dramas of court, ill prepared for such a battlefield.  Constantly in trouble with his father he tries to find his own way in life.  Being a Knight is all he has ever wanted, but when Edouard leaves Chamfort to take part in the summer battles, he sets himself on a path of no return.

Aside from Edouard, the story focuses on Mariette – widowed at the start of the novel she seeks to bring down those who murdered her husband.  Her ‘games’ at court become serious when she meets Edouard.  She is not sure if she can trust herself.  To prove Edouard innocent she must break his heart, but if she does this, is she being true to herself?

This is a reasonably well written story, with only a few issues that caught my notice.  I picked up a few spelling errors as well as grammatical which detracted from the tale which was unfortunate.  Also, I found that there was the occasional change to a minor character which, though useful to the telling of the story in some ways, upset the pace of the tale for me- but that’s just my opinion.

For those who like fantasy, Knights and honour, intrigues of court and a darkness that needs to be fought, I highly recommend this novel to you.

Richard can be found at http://traitorblade.blogspot.com/

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