"Step inside a different world, and follow the birth of a legendary witch. Her name is Darkess Goodspeed of the Vallencourt clan.  Her prophecy was foretold on several occasions, one as far back as a thousand years.  The planet is crying out for her help, and so are its many species - everything from the plants and animals, some of which are going extinct, to the humans and wizards, who would soon follow.  Demons of all kinds are lurking about, powerful eggs await rescue, and danger hides around every corner."

Darkess and the Purple Mist, by Red Dobbs, for me would be classified as a young adult fantasy novel.  It follows the tale of the main character, Darkess from when she is born, through her childhood, how she learns of her powers and then what destiny has in store for her.  Her prophesised dangerous future is due to begin with the death of a loved one and it is from there that her trials truly begin.

Overall, I really liked this adventure.  The characters are well written while the story is unique and engaging, especially considering it is an indi book.  I am a fantasy buff by nature and it was refreshing to read a novel that was pure fantasy.  Some may be tired of witches, wizards and dragons but I for one found the story refreshing as it was not bogged down in the current urban fantasy deluge.  There were a few minor errors in the writing itself, but this did not detract from the story in any way. .

It is a highly recommended self published read that can be found through her website http://www.scififantasybyreddobbs.com/.

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