Congratulations to Samantha Holdaway and Paulina Twiggs, winners of my good reads giveaway. Your autographed copies of QOTD will be in the post on Monday! Keep your eyes out to win an Advanced Reading Copy of the follow on novel Tallen, Quest of the Demon Aftermath!... Link soon to come.
"Adventure, romance, fantasy, creativity, and mystery surround this tale. It is a never ending ball of excitement" - Marybeth, Manhattan Reader.

All the way on the other side of the world a review for Quest of the Demon.  Thanks Marybeth for your time.  It has made for a very good end to my day!
Check it.  "Quest of the Demon was packed with such great characters that I'm eager to learn more about them. Each brought such life to the story that they'll  be hard to forget! I liked that page after page was filled with some type of crazy action! There were beasts of all sorts and plenty of surprises to keep the pages turning." - Stephanie from Book Addict

I would like to thank Steph for her time and for reading Quest of the Demon.  It's always exciting to get such reactions and as an author it really makes me smile!

One thing I have noticed though, as I slowly get my novel out there I'm finding the varying grades from reviewers interesting.  Some give a 3/5 and said (basically) "Meh... it was okay," while others give 3/5 and are like "loved it."  Go figure... 
"Overall: A great adventure fantasy series I really want to see more of, ie book 2 Tallen. Strength 4." - Nina from Death Books and Tea.

Thank you to Nina for her kind words and review of Quest of the Demon.  Check out her awesome blog to find more interesting YA titles and keep tuned - Tallen is currently in the formatting stage, almost ready to go.  Exciting times!
Thanks to Equilibrium Books I'm now on Amazon.  I've just set up my authors page and now I even have 3 reviews!  Exciting times ahead so watch this space....