So.  My original thought was to have two stories released next year.  Deceiver - following Julian's foray into a walking nightmare, and then a second book on the same time line, Subversion - following Matrone.  How can Matrone be back?  You'll have to wait until next year to find out!!!

Anyway, I know it's a whole year and a half away, but reality has snuck up on me and unless I find a rather large amount of spare time between now and this time next year, two quality books in that short amount of time is not going to be possible.

It doesn't upset me in any way.  I still have plenty of writing to do and I think over the journey, 

Okay, so I've been somewhat busy  (hence the lack of posts), so, sorry for that

Some of you may know I've got a little girl now who's 7 months old.  My husband and I love her to bits and she's our whole world.  Somehow, I've managed to get Silence Rising to my publisher (yay), but now comes the hard question which Viking like silhouettes do you like better?  

Come on now, everyone has an opinion.  Let me know here or on facebook;