Kids Event - The Reading Hour at Wyndham Vale Library

Join us for this jointly hosted event between Wyndham Libraries and Kumon to celebrate the National Year of Reading. We invite families to come along and share the joy of reading.

Our special guest at this event will be a local author, and illustrator of a wonderful new children's book.

2:00 pm Saturday 25/08/12

Wyndham Vale Library (Crn of Derrimut Rd and Heaths Rd)

Free event.

Guess what... that local author is... du du du daaaahhhh... Me :).  Come and support the reading hour where we're trying to promote reading to your children and reading in general!

I will have a few copies of Tallen and Quest of the Demon on the day in case anyone would like an autographed copy.
Excerpt from Elflings-

""Ha!" he yelled to the sky, receiving a mouthful of snow that he simply chewed and swallowed.  "Is that it?" he asked.  "A pissing snow drift?  It takes more than that to kill me you maggot ridden butt stain!"  With nothing but anger fuelling a new burst in energy, Elonan began to step forward into the blizzard."  Out Dec 2012!

Just thought I'd throw in a paragraph to try and show you who Elonan is... he's not your average main character.  Hero, chivalrous, generous... not words I'd use to describe his personality :).

Don't forget that if you order 2 or more books from Equilibrium- you get a 15% discount! 

It's always an exciting time to upload the high res image of a new book cover.

Elflings, Quest of the Demon Aftermath 2 - due out Dec 2012

Well, I've made one of my book teasers for Elflings... this one is very basic, but what I'd call (hopefully) classy.  It doesn't have any of my poor quality homemade animation or artwork, (other than the cover), but hopefully, it creates a little bit of interest.  At least, hopefully enough interest for people to go to my website at any rate.  Let me know what you think.  Oh, and don't worry, my poorly crafted, homemade animation book teaser is on its way...