Finally... who knows how many years this novel was in the making!  At a guess, I'm pretty sure I started Elflings in 2001.

Anyway, final edit is completed!  It has been sent to the publisher today so now I can relax and have some fun.  The book teaser video has begun (which always gives me a laugh.)  Whatch this space as I'll post it as soon as I'm done.

The official Elflings cover will be online soon and for those who would like to pre-order, will let you know once it's on-line.

Wish me luck.  In between doing the book teaser, the next draft of Silence Rising has begun!

Well, Elflings is less than a week away from the publishers!  Good times ahead. (Well, one would think.  My self imposed book reading ban can be lifted once the edit is finally done.)

Elflings has 40 pages left to edit and should be coming in at 95k.  Still not as long as the Quest of the Demon, but very similar to Tallen, the Aftermath will continue with Elonan - his grumpy, somewhat selfish, trouble seeking self in all his glory.  Would you be brave enough to tell a dragon to shove their quest somewhere uncomfortable?

Despite that particular good piece of news, I've actually been surprised to find in my email inbox, contact from the Wyndham Library.  They asked if I'd be interested in doing a reading of one of my novels as part of the Wyndham National Year of Reading events!

Have a think about the last time you read something that you'd written out loud to an audience?  Highschool was it?

It certainly will be interesting to hear some of my characters out loud!  More info to come...
Some of you may remember my first attempt at making a home made book teaser.  Quest of the Demon book teaser, uploaded Jan 2011 I was surprised to actually get some views (up to 569)... but, if you look at it, (unless you are comparing it to when color tv was introduced), it's pretty basic.
From there, just over 6 months later, the book Teaser for Tallen was created.  Now this was a bit of an advance for me as I actually had some very basic animation.  Having photoshop as opposed to just paint as my art program helped a lot, 588 views and no real comments, some likes and looks like 1 dislike (oh well)...
My question is, for the tech savi out there, any suggestions on improvement for my book teasers?  Elflings will involve a ship, winged giant bat like monsters in a nightmare, traveling over snow dunes and the deadly swoop of an ice dragon... Let me know what you think.
Well, editing is going along smoothly.  I have made it to about half way!  Edit has added another 5k to the manuscript... where do all the words come from I wonder?  Up to a 90k work of fantasy though I do find that as the writing progressess (since the first novel), it's not quite as YA as it should be.

I wonder, is it me changing my tastes, or is society getting less blaze about things?

Enough of the deep thought, Friday the 13th was a great night to get out and about to attend a themed trivia night.  No sexy vampire costume for me... Zombie all the way!  Needless to say my friend and I received a few good looks on our drive into the city!  Good night in all!