"Grappling with her identity as "Bridge," a being thought to herald the end of humanity, isn't even Allie's biggest problem. She's also dealing with being married to a seer while trying to stop the Rook she put in the White House from starting a war. Then the boy appears. A highly dangerous telekinetic seer, he doesn't appear to have aged in over 100 years. Worse, he thinks Allie belongs to him.”

Shield, Allie’s War: Book two by J C Andrijeski is a story that follows on from the first novel.  Allie is slowly trying to terms with her being a Seer and her apparent marriage to Revik while she barely manages to make her way through the intricacies of Seer law and culture.  To reveal more might be considered a spoiler…

Again I felt myself being drawn into the story of Allie and the amazing path her life has taken.  The adventure, fear and suspense are addictive with the story itself quite unique and interesting.  J C Andrijeski makes you feel for the characters, fear for them when they are in danger and let you burn with the want for revenge when they are wronged.  I ended up reading this book in about 3 days and that in itself should recommend this novel to you.

This novel is better than the first, but could not be without Rook - Allie’s War: book 1, as much of the world is created in that first tale.

J C Andrijeski can be found at www.jcandrijeski.com and this book can be purchased from www.smashwords.com  A highly recommended story well worth the purchase!

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