“A mysterious stone tablet, five magical gems, and an ancient letter haunt Gavin Kinshield, a warrant knight destined to become king... unless he can find a replacement before the sins of a long dead ancestor bring him face-to-face with his own nightmares.”

This novel is set in an alternate world where there are Warrant Knights who chase down criminals for a fee, an order of warrior women, wizards and other races that come together in a vibrant tale that immediately draws the reader in.

I really like this story and would love to read more about Gavin and the challenges that lie ahead.  It is well written, complex (in a good way) and it does not hold back with its gritty characters who though are generally good, all possess their own flaws that at times need to be overcome.

K C May weaves a wonderful tail with complex characters and to be honest, I was not able to put it down until I got to the end.

Will defiantly be looking for more from this writer. One for the watch lists! 

The Kinshield Legacy can be found through K C May’s website http://www.kcmay.com

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