“A cunning opportunist is inciting the people of Oasis to kill the dragon, their ancient enemy, so that he can convert the dragon's swamp into suburban housing. As a popular dragonslayer, he'll have the current Guardian assassinated and assume power. Unless the dragon unites with a terminally adorable kitten and a human female who reluctantly reads hearts and minds, Oasis is finished.”

This novel is not primarily about Dragons and the main narrative is actually through the eyes of the cats.  Tara, is the chosen one, a small kitten born in ‘the green’ a fabled place that city cats dream about and is part of their prophesized destiny.  Along with Tara you have Phileas the water dragon alone in the swamp that he must protect and Serazina, the human girl who is afraid of her emotional and mental gift being discovered in a society that prizes only ‘the mind’.

Throughout the three main tales, C. M Barrett portrays a definite sense of humans destroying the earth and how the animals are trying to bring back the balance.  Should the humans fail, in the end of the quest, they will be destroyed.  I get the sense that she has spent a lot of time around cats as she is able to clearly capture their idiosyncrasies with well written description and interaction.

Where I felt this story fell a little short was in approximately the third quarter of the novel where the main moral of the story (I presume save the planet) continued perhaps a little too much.

Despite that, the story was well written and I found no editing issues.  It is a recommended read for people who have nothing against cats and even then it’s okay (I’m a dog person).  A few parts of the story line came out of the left field but as a reader, that’s not a bad thing as it is very difficult to be unique.

Her story is available on Smashwords and her website is http://www.adragonsguide.com

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