Love Immortal Ebook By Linnea Hall

A young man is bought into hospital after a serious accident.  He dies, causing one of the new nurses an unexplainable sadness.  10 minutes after he is pronounced dead, the heart monitor beeps and Colin comes back to life.

The majority of this story is a love tale between the nurse Jewel and the young crash victim Colin who does not know that he is immortal.  Drama ensues.  Throw in an uncle who does not want to let Colin know about his unique heritage, a twilight like love tale, the Templar Knights and their mortal enemy the Obsidian Knights who will wipe out the ‘infidels’ at any cost… and you have yourself an interesting story. 

Though well written, this novel for me was a little too much romance, not enough fantasy.  This type of impossible love has been done before and though enjoyable, I found that it dwelled a little too much upon the ‘will we make it or is our love fated to end in tragedy.’  The end might surprise, but then again, there aren’t too many outcomes available once you get into the tale.

Recommended for romantics, but not so much for the fantasy lover.

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