After looking around for possible reviewers for my own novel did I realise how hard it was to get your book out there.  So, to help other young authors like me, I thought I'd set up my own review blog.  I ready quite a lot but generally stick to fantasy, historical, adventure and some sci fi.  I now have a kindle as well so if you're a 'smasher' feel free to drop me a line at mlsawyer at hotmail dot com.

Feel free to leave your own opinion of my work here.  The good, the bad, but not the ugly.  I'm happy to accept critical reviews and all I ask for is a bit of courtesy should you not like my work.

Red Dobbs
4/10/2011 02:38:28 am

I read Quest of the Demon in a day. I found it had a world that I would like to visit. The Characters were real to me, and I loved the names ML Sawyer has used. Her natural world is unique and exciting. Her story is different and it makes you want more. I look forward to her second book "Tallen". I am a 38 yr old American and I would recommend this to anyone that likes adventure, animals real or imagined, and magic.

4/11/2011 01:24:27 pm

I've started reading this book and I'm really excited. I can relate to the character because she's so... ordinairy. It's not often that you get that, usualyl fantasy people are so special, but Darci, the main character, could be anyone... anyone transported into an adventure of a life time! Can't wait to get to the end!


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