“An evil wizard kidnaps the new Queen of the kingdom of Braken Ridge in a bid to undo an ancient spell and gain ultimate power. Two knights who were once enemies must join forces with a squire who has a magical secret, a samurai from the far east, a mystical tribe of American Indians and a collegiate hockey player.

Will they defeat the evil wizard and save the Queen in time?”

Reading the blurb of this novel I thought it would have the right amount of querk for me.  I like things a little different and in that, this novel did not disappoint.  The initial start for me was somewhat confusing, going from a hockey players dream to some Indians losing their home land to a Tinker telling a tale to a young magician Elspeth who then becomes the main character.  I do urge you to stick with it as it will all make sense in the end.

Overall, an interesting tale with some elements of your standard fantasy mixed with some unique additions.  The writing style, though very standard at times, was reasonable and kept me entertained with a satisfying end.  Tinker’s Tale is by Stephen “B5″ Jones who has featured in Flashspec vol 1 and 2 who can be found at his websit (click on the book).