“It’s the 24th century and Robert York has the best job in the world. An operative with Chrono-HQ, his missions involve travelling through time through the entirety of human history. Now he is going back further than any time traveller has been before, back through millennia to the Stone Age to visit the pre-historic inhabitants of ancient Kent’s Cavern.”

Time Watchers: The Greatest Of These by Julie Reilly is an eye-opening, no holds bared story that goes back to 7000bc.  Robert, an anthropologist time traveller, spends six weeks with a small community.  His initial contact is one of shock and violence before he takes the time to become accepted by those of the cave community – at least, by most of them.

As if the dramas of day to day survival is not enough, Robert soon finds himself falling for Yana, a sixteen year old cave woman.  Everything Robert has learnt tells him that this is wrong and cannot be allowed as Robert must return to his own time, for surly such love could have untold ramifications to the time line…

I really enjoyed the first part of this novel.  Julie takes you back to the Stone Age where the reader quickly becomes involved in the harsh reality that is survival.  The characters are believable; lovable and hateable at times.  You really root for them, you want them to succeed but as a reader, you are constantly surprised by what happens. 

This reads like a fantasy novel with a slight time travel sci-fi.  Very enjoyable.