Thank you to Jasmine and Marissa for their time. These two lovely bloggers are from Beneath the Moon and Stars and both of them thought it would be a good idea to see what my first was all about. 

For Jasmine - "This book was a perfect change for me. I haven't read a fantasy in forever."   I'm lucky she took a chance on reading Quest of the Demon (which is nothing but fantasy) because she finished her review with the following; "Overall I loved this. I've heard rumors about a sequel and I'm hoping there is one. I highly recommend this :). 4/5 Stars"

As if that didn't make me happy enough.  Her co-blogger, Marissa also had some lovely things to say "Overall I really enjoyed this book there was dragons and ships and magic and it was awesome. 4/5 stars."

Check out their blog at;

"So, so good!" - Stephanie from the book addict.

Thank you for your time and encouragement.  I'm chuffed to say the least.

"Oh! My! Goodness! This part of the book floored me..." - Stephanie.  I had never thought that my writing would reach someone so.  Was a good end to an otherwise crappy day.   Gives me motivation to keep plugging along.  Elflings is only a few months away from going to the publisher and I've just started on book 6...
"I liked Quest of the Demon and I think I liked Tallen even more." - Ashlinn
Thank you to Ashlinn for her time.  Hopefully everyone shares her oppinion :)  Though I'm sure they won't.  I was also pretty chuffed by another comment;
"I just want to say that Ms.Sawyers writing has improved since her first novel! If your looking for a fun and adventurous read this is your calling...."

The review can be found here;
"Adventure, romance, fantasy, creativity, and mystery surround this tale. It is a never ending ball of excitement" - Marybeth, Manhattan Reader.

All the way on the other side of the world a review for Quest of the Demon.  Thanks Marybeth for your time.  It has made for a very good end to my day!
Check it.  "Quest of the Demon was packed with such great characters that I'm eager to learn more about them. Each brought such life to the story that they'll  be hard to forget! I liked that page after page was filled with some type of crazy action! There were beasts of all sorts and plenty of surprises to keep the pages turning." - Stephanie from Book Addict

I would like to thank Steph for her time and for reading Quest of the Demon.  It's always exciting to get such reactions and as an author it really makes me smile!

One thing I have noticed though, as I slowly get my novel out there I'm finding the varying grades from reviewers interesting.  Some give a 3/5 and said (basically) "Meh... it was okay," while others give 3/5 and are like "loved it."  Go figure... 

A big thank you to Haley from Been There Read That who has posted not only a lovely review, but a video review as well.  Click on the link above to see it all. 

"Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  This is kind of random, but I thought the map at the beginning was kind of cool." - Halye.   How awesome is that?  I drew that map (and Neil from Equilibrium books made it more printable) but still. 
"The Quest of the Demon starts right away and doesn't stray." - Sabrina from Cup of Tea Reviews
Thank you to Sabrina for their time and their kind review.  For the full review and info about other fantastic YA reads click on the image above.  Also through Cup of Tea Reviews is an interview.
"Overall I thought the book was pretty good. Some parts kind of drug on especially the parts leading up to the battles. I liked the relationship between Darci and Taslessian, and I'm interested in how it will progress. If you are looking for a fantasy novel with interesting characters and quite a bit of action you have found your book. I rate this 3 out of 5 stars!"

Ashlinn's blog can be found here
“Five Tales of Horror set in Texas... The Espantosa by Mark Mellon… Chiggerfest by Jeff Parish… Lubbock or Leave It by Brian Johnson… The Last Ride of the Headless Horseman by Doug Goodman… Blind In Texas by Armand Rosamilia…”

I heard of this through the sffworld website that I frequent so thought I’d give it a go.  I’m not normally in to reading short stories but I have to say that I found this entertaining.  The stories were short enough to fill in time where I had not much to spare, entertaining enough for me to read the lot in two days and unique enough for me to recommend it to others.

Being horror stories, they weren’t as graphic as some, but still dark enough for you to get your chills.  Can you imagine what it would be like to be temporarily blind in the middle of a zombie attack?  Armand Rosamilia takes you there…

"Quest of the Demon is a fast-paced, action-packed epic fantasy novel with a well-developed plotline and original characters." - Majanka Verstraete.

Belgium Blogger Majanka Verstraete has been kind enough to not only review Quest of the Demon (4/5 stars) but she has also given me my first official interview!  Check out her very detailed blog I Heart Reading!

"That concept of heroism is quite original, and I applaud M.L. Sawyer choosing an ordinary person as the protagonist of their book, and then keeping her ordinary until the very end, without superpowers or exceptional skills." -Majanka Verstraete