They're here!  Elflings is finally out and available now!  It's a big day.  I may have been off the net for a while, but I have not been idle.  A new edit of Quest of the Demon and a new e-book cover.  Get your copy now for free, yes free, for the month of December!

Elflings too makes its debut online.  Check it out on Smashwords;

Links for Amazon soon to follow.
It's here and it's all happening so quickly!  Tallen - Quest of the Demon Aftermath 1 is now available for pre-order through this website or click on the link above to order direct from Equilibrium Books where you can get a 15% discount for ordering two or more books!
Official release date will be in December this year, just in time for Christmas so keep your eyes on ths space for the book launch date and location!