Okay, so I've been somewhat busy  (hence the lack of posts), so, sorry for that

Some of you may know I've got a little girl now who's 7 months old.  My husband and I love her to bits and she's our whole world.  Somehow, I've managed to get Silence Rising to my publisher (yay), but now comes the hard question which Viking like silhouettes do you like better?  

Come on now, everyone has an opinion.  Let me know here or on facebook; 

They're here!  Elflings is finally out and available now!  It's a big day.  I may have been off the net for a while, but I have not been idle.  A new edit of Quest of the Demon and a new e-book cover.  Get your copy now for free, yes free, for the month of December!

Elflings too makes its debut online.  Check it out on Smashwords;


Links for Amazon soon to follow.
Well, I've spent the month doing my final edit on Tallen, Quest of the Demon Aftermath.  Should be available in December... now I have been trying to work on a book cover... Let me know what you think of some of my ideas below.  Of course these are just ideas.  Number 1 is mine, number 2 is an istockphoto background with a draft silhouette and the other is a fire like background with better silhouettes - I'm slowly getting better at photoshop.