“Cut to Melbourne, Australia–the most glamorous city in the world. It also happens to be the only one left standing, but nevermind that, we’re there now and I’d like you to meet your narrator, a certain Floyd Maquina, a likable chap with one hell of a story to share. See, the powers that be are knuckling down on the Deviant menace that plagues the city, and our boy Floyd’s unknowingly got himself in the thick of it. Cue guns, intrigue, kidnappings, conspiracy and all sorts of general mayhem that make for cracking good headlines.

Does Floyd stop the bad guys? Does he get the girl? Does he make Humphrey Bogart proud? Grab some popcorn and read on.”

Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat by Andrez Bergen for me, is the most unique story I have read for some time.  Not because of the post-apocalyptic theme, but because of the style of writing.

For me, I’m a fan of movies like Tank Girl (classic) and Sin City.  To enjoy this novel, you need to not only have a sense of humour, but you need to appreciate movies in order to get many of the references used.  This is not a bad thing as it is what keeps the story unique.  (If you don’t get all the references, there is also an easy read set of references and slang dictionary included)

Anyway, you’re in Melbourne, the last city in the world and your main character is Floyd who, though lack of choice, is employed as a Seeker – someone who picks up deviants when told so that they can be ‘relocated… never to be seen again. 

As you go through the story, Floyd slowly begins to realise that he has known what he is doing is wrong for some time, that there is something wrong with the whole system and that somehow, he might actually be able to do something about it…

It takes some time to be able to piece together the whole story of what’s going on, but once I did, I really became involved in the story and from there, all I can say is that I was very, very satisfied with the end.  This story is available from http://www.anothersky.org/in-print/tobacco-stained-mountain-goat-andrez-bergen/ as well as other distributors.

Well done for being different Andrez.