Well, Christmas has come and gone and now it's time to go jogging again... oh well.

What did you get for Christmas?  Any good reads?  Me, I have Isobelle Carmody's 'The Sending'.  (Thank you to my husband of almost two months!)  I have been waiting for this book for over 10 years ever since I read the original Obernewtyn novel in highschool all those years ago.

So, I'm sure I'll have this book done in a few days which will leave the finale of the Darkfall series that I'm still waiting on from Isobelle....  She writes such good books!  I just want to know what happens!!!

In the years to come, I hope I manage to stick to my 1 book per year until my series is done goal.  Check back in Dec - 2016 to see how I go (I also have the ambitious plan of releasing 2 books in 2015 as Subversion and Deceiver happen at the same time, but follow one of the good guys while the other follows one of the bad guys!)

Happy writing all.
Thank you to Jane for her time.  She's been through both Quest of the Demon and Tallen with some very positive comments.  "….. wow it really took off I was itching to find out what happened and couldn’t predict the story from one page to the next." - Jane

When people enjoy what you've written it feels soooo good!  (when people don't like your stuff, meh, just brush it off, you can't please everyone.  So far, nothing bad said about Tallen though!)

Check out Lindsay and Jane's blog at;

"I liked Quest of the Demon and I think I liked Tallen even more." - Ashlinn
Thank you to Ashlinn for her time.  Hopefully everyone shares her oppinion :)  Though I'm sure they won't.  I was also pretty chuffed by another comment;
"I just want to say that Ms.Sawyers writing has improved since her first novel! If your looking for a fun and adventurous read this is your calling...."

The review can be found here;
Congrats to Christina and Wendy who have both won a copy of Tallen - Quest of the Demon Aftermath from Goodreads.  Your books will be making their way to you shortly.  Yes - it is the 1st of December already!!!  Where does the time go?  Tallen is out, the ebooks are all online and though it is very busy, life is good.

Below is my finally finished ebook cover that I created.  Not too bad for a non artist.