“Five Tales of Horror set in Texas... The Espantosa by Mark Mellon… Chiggerfest by Jeff Parish… Lubbock or Leave It by Brian Johnson… The Last Ride of the Headless Horseman by Doug Goodman… Blind In Texas by Armand Rosamilia…”

I heard of this through the sffworld website that I frequent so thought I’d give it a go.  I’m not normally in to reading short stories but I have to say that I found this entertaining.  The stories were short enough to fill in time where I had not much to spare, entertaining enough for me to read the lot in two days and unique enough for me to recommend it to others.

Being horror stories, they weren’t as graphic as some, but still dark enough for you to get your chills.  Can you imagine what it would be like to be temporarily blind in the middle of a zombie attack?  Armand Rosamilia takes you there…

"Quest of the Demon is a fast-paced, action-packed epic fantasy novel with a well-developed plotline and original characters." - Majanka Verstraete.

Belgium Blogger Majanka Verstraete has been kind enough to not only review Quest of the Demon (4/5 stars) but she has also given me my first official interview!  Check out her very detailed blog I Heart Reading!

"That concept of heroism is quite original, and I applaud M.L. Sawyer choosing an ordinary person as the protagonist of their book, and then keeping her ordinary until the very end, without superpowers or exceptional skills." -Majanka Verstraete

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Check it out.  Good luck to all those participaiting and don't forget the special discount offered for the ebook version. 
“After losing her husband only months earlier, Allie finds herself the new official face of the seer race, fighting to prevent humans and seers from exploding into all-out war. But her husband, Revik, isn’t really gone. Instead he’s transformed into someone she barely knows. Unlike her, he wants war...and revenge...and will do whatever it takes to bring the human civilization to its knees.”

Finally, Allie is free of Terrin, but in freeing her from that psychopaths less than gentle clutches Revik has reunited with parts of himself that he did not know were missing. Still married to Allie, he wants her to join him in his war against the humans that treat Seers so poorly, but Allie only wants to prevent it.

Through this part of the overall story, Allie’s character changes – which is to be expected.  Who wouldn’t change in the events that she has been forced to endure?  But I felt that she herself had turned to her own dark side to reach her goals.  As a reader, I’m not sure if I’m happy with Allie's character going that way, but as I only finished this novel moments ago, my thoughts might change.

After being completely immersed in the first two novels, I found book three no different, again reading it in just a few days.  The story is exciting, touching, heart wrenching and it does not end here.  I will be looking with keen interest for book four!

J C Andrijeski can be found at www.jcandrijeski.com and this book can be purchased from www.smashwords.com  A highly recommended story well worth the purchase!
"Grappling with her identity as "Bridge," a being thought to herald the end of humanity, isn't even Allie's biggest problem. She's also dealing with being married to a seer while trying to stop the Rook she put in the White House from starting a war. Then the boy appears. A highly dangerous telekinetic seer, he doesn't appear to have aged in over 100 years. Worse, he thinks Allie belongs to him.”

Shield, Allie’s War: Book two by J C Andrijeski is a story that follows on from the first novel.  Allie is slowly trying to terms with her being a Seer and her apparent marriage to Revik while she barely manages to make her way through the intricacies of Seer law and culture.  To reveal more might be considered a spoiler…

Again I felt myself being drawn into the story of Allie and the amazing path her life has taken.  The adventure, fear and suspense are addictive with the story itself quite unique and interesting.  J C Andrijeski makes you feel for the characters, fear for them when they are in danger and let you burn with the want for revenge when they are wronged.  I ended up reading this book in about 3 days and that in itself should recommend this novel to you.

This novel is better than the first, but could not be without Rook - Allie’s War: book 1, as much of the world is created in that first tale.

J C Andrijeski can be found at www.jcandrijeski.com and this book can be purchased from www.smashwords.com  A highly recommended story well worth the purchase!