The Land of Nod, by Gary Hoover, can be found at his website and can be purchased online through smashwords at

Jeff is a young boy who lost his father a year ago.  While looking through his father’s office, he is transported to a strange new and dangerous world.  He soon discovers that though futuristic (flying cars and disappearing toilet seats), society is in trouble and war is coming, whether they like it or not.

I really enjoyed this story.  I'm a massive fan of quirky and this tends to slip into this young adult adventure to catch the reader pleasantly by surprise... you'll get what I'm talking about when you read the comment about the purple giraffe.

For me a few too many '...' and there were a few tiny errors that might be picked up with another edit done by someone else (I can't see the mistakes in my own work though and it did not detract from the story itself).

Overall, a good read, highly recommended for young readers looking for an out there adventure!

Hooray, a reviewer has made it all the way through my book and they have nice things to say! (Always had that little fear in the back of my head... a bad case of the 'what ifs')

"Quest of the Demon is a rewarding high fantasy novel with an uncluttered and unoffending style that should be perfect for the younger reader."

Not 5 Stars (3) but I'm still really happy Thanks to Ant. from SF Book for his valuable time!
Love Immortal Ebook By Linnea Hall

A young man is bought into hospital after a serious accident.  He dies, causing one of the new nurses an unexplainable sadness.  10 minutes after he is pronounced dead, the heart monitor beeps and Colin comes back to life.

The majority of this story is a love tale between the nurse Jewel and the young crash victim Colin who does not know that he is immortal.  Drama ensues.  Throw in an uncle who does not want to let Colin know about his unique heritage, a twilight like love tale, the Templar Knights and their mortal enemy the Obsidian Knights who will wipe out the ‘infidels’ at any cost… and you have yourself an interesting story. 

Though well written, this novel for me was a little too much romance, not enough fantasy.  This type of impossible love has been done before and though enjoyable, I found that it dwelled a little too much upon the ‘will we make it or is our love fated to end in tragedy.’  The end might surprise, but then again, there aren’t too many outcomes available once you get into the tale.

Recommended for romantics, but not so much for the fantasy lover.

Her story is available on Smashwords and her website is


“A cunning opportunist is inciting the people of Oasis to kill the dragon, their ancient enemy, so that he can convert the dragon's swamp into suburban housing. As a popular dragonslayer, he'll have the current Guardian assassinated and assume power. Unless the dragon unites with a terminally adorable kitten and a human female who reluctantly reads hearts and minds, Oasis is finished.”

This novel is not primarily about Dragons and the main narrative is actually through the eyes of the cats.  Tara, is the chosen one, a small kitten born in ‘the green’ a fabled place that city cats dream about and is part of their prophesized destiny.  Along with Tara you have Phileas the water dragon alone in the swamp that he must protect and Serazina, the human girl who is afraid of her emotional and mental gift being discovered in a society that prizes only ‘the mind’.

Throughout the three main tales, C. M Barrett portrays a definite sense of humans destroying the earth and how the animals are trying to bring back the balance.  Should the humans fail, in the end of the quest, they will be destroyed.  I get the sense that she has spent a lot of time around cats as she is able to clearly capture their idiosyncrasies with well written description and interaction.

Where I felt this story fell a little short was in approximately the third quarter of the novel where the main moral of the story (I presume save the planet) continued perhaps a little too much.

Despite that, the story was well written and I found no editing issues.  It is a recommended read for people who have nothing against cats and even then it’s okay (I’m a dog person).  A few parts of the story line came out of the left field but as a reader, that’s not a bad thing as it is very difficult to be unique.

Her story is available on Smashwords and her website is

“A mysterious stone tablet, five magical gems, and an ancient letter haunt Gavin Kinshield, a warrant knight destined to become king... unless he can find a replacement before the sins of a long dead ancestor bring him face-to-face with his own nightmares.”

This novel is set in an alternate world where there are Warrant Knights who chase down criminals for a fee, an order of warrior women, wizards and other races that come together in a vibrant tale that immediately draws the reader in.

I really like this story and would love to read more about Gavin and the challenges that lie ahead.  It is well written, complex (in a good way) and it does not hold back with its gritty characters who though are generally good, all possess their own flaws that at times need to be overcome.

K C May weaves a wonderful tail with complex characters and to be honest, I was not able to put it down until I got to the end.

Will defiantly be looking for more from this writer. One for the watch lists! 

The Kinshield Legacy can be found through K C May’s website

"Step inside a different world, and follow the birth of a legendary witch. Her name is Darkess Goodspeed of the Vallencourt clan.  Her prophecy was foretold on several occasions, one as far back as a thousand years.  The planet is crying out for her help, and so are its many species - everything from the plants and animals, some of which are going extinct, to the humans and wizards, who would soon follow.  Demons of all kinds are lurking about, powerful eggs await rescue, and danger hides around every corner."

Darkess and the Purple Mist, by Red Dobbs, for me would be classified as a young adult fantasy novel.  It follows the tale of the main character, Darkess from when she is born, through her childhood, how she learns of her powers and then what destiny has in store for her.  Her prophesised dangerous future is due to begin with the death of a loved one and it is from there that her trials truly begin.

Overall, I really liked this adventure.  The characters are well written while the story is unique and engaging, especially considering it is an indi book.  I am a fantasy buff by nature and it was refreshing to read a novel that was pure fantasy.  Some may be tired of witches, wizards and dragons but I for one found the story refreshing as it was not bogged down in the current urban fantasy deluge.  There were a few minor errors in the writing itself, but this did not detract from the story in any way. .

It is a highly recommended self published read that can be found through her website

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