"So, so good!" - Stephanie from the book addict.

Thank you for your time and encouragement.  I'm chuffed to say the least.

"Oh! My! Goodness! This part of the book floored me..." - Stephanie.  I had never thought that my writing would reach someone so.  Was a good end to an otherwise crappy day.   Gives me motivation to keep plugging along.  Elflings is only a few months away from going to the publisher and I've just started on book 6...
Well it's 2012 and now it's almost February already!  Where does the time go?  I'll tell you, it gets poured into books both reading and writing!  As of today, the first draft of Deceiver has been finished!  Yes, I did my happy dance much to the amusement of my husband.  Also, as a belated Merry Christmas and as a present to my readers, here's a sneak peek of Elflings - Quest of the Demon Aftermath 2!

"Was he imagining the sound?  Had the cold, fatigue and hunger finally driven him mad?  The thought of food made his stomach rumble but he doubted that he would be able to take off his backpack let alone find the rabbit that he had stashed there.

Elonan looked up.  Was that a flicker of movement?  He squeezed his eyes shut and looked again only to find that the white spots in his sight remained.  With the brightness of the sun and the spots in his vision he saw nothing more.  Under the snow covered jacket his shoulders tensed.  Blurred vision or not, Elonan knew that something was out there.  By sheer power of will he managed to clench his fingers into half fists.  His daggers were within easy reach but with no sensation in his hands he would not be able to hold them.  With grim determination he readied himself." - end of chapter 5